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Thursday, 18 March 2010

ATC madness!

Yes, here are yet more! These are the ones I have sent out over the past two weeks for the UKS atc trail. They are Create 3 and 4, and Here Be Dragons 3 and 5 (yes I know I am out of sequence with the HBDs, but HBD3wasn't finished until after HBD4 and I had already written on the backs... LOL).

We celebrated our silver wedding anniversary a couple of days ago, I got DH a leather and silver cuff bangle and he got me a box.... made on his new laser cutter, with dovetailed joints, very impressive. Oh and it had 25 silver coins in it :-))))))))))) We will also be going away to celebrate, but we don't know where yet - we plan to see what we can find as a last minute bargain!


  1. Love these ATC's especially the dragon and the sewing machine ones