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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Wall art Christmas presents

Now the pressies have been given, I can share :-)

The brief was 'flowers and blue', 'unicorns' and 'cats'.  I found some dies in the Hobbycraft sale, 'Intricut' which I had not seen before, but they had a unicorn and a cat (and a couple of others...!) so it was worth a try :-) The packaging states that they may need a shim - there is no 'may' about it, they do!  Three passes through the machine and finally I had my cat and unicorn.  The background papers are from Craft Creations and the white box frames are from The Range.
A word here about Stick It die cutting adhesive sheets - I loved this product when it came out three years ago, but it seems to have some real quality issues now - I used it because the dies are so intricate, but they wouldn't stick to the background paper. I had to run over the back with Herma repo adhesive, the Stick It did at least stabilise the die-cuts so that the Herma didn't distort them, but I am very disappointed, this was exactly what it is supposed to be used for, but it just didn't work.  I'm sure it was stickier when it was first released.
The flowers are done with an SU stamp and matching punch.  Each one has three separate layers, so that was 27 flowers stamped, punched and coloured!!  Not counting the test ones LOL.  The centres are pale green Card Candi.  I had a devil of a job getting the grid right, but it came out OK in the end!  The frame is a Ribba from Ikea, it's a 9" box frame, my intended 8" frame was just too small to get the 3 x 3 grid.

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