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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

UFO - Ikea drawers

Are you sitting comfortably?
Once upon a time ....... we bought six Ikea Fira drawers.  They hung around for a while, I decorated one as a gift and one for ourselves, leaving four awaiting processing.  They waited ... and waited....

I think they are now around 15 years old, Ikea don't even make them anymore, though they still have a similar item, with different dimensions.  The good news is - I have finished another one!!!

I coloured the wood edges with promarkers and intended to cover the top, sides and drawer fronts with some of my precious Venice paper.  This required two sheets, I only had one of the brown colourway I wanted to use, so had to go for a green pattern instead.  The drawer fronts were fine, but unfortunately the paper is quite delicate and the larger top piece just wouldn't lie flat onto the item, I ended up ruining the paper .  So a swift change of plan was needed ....... I painted the top and sides instead, which meant I could have used the brown paper for the fronts after all LOL.  But I am happy with the green, it has turned quite well :-)

Now to decide what to do with the next one, they are all going to be different LOL.


  1. Fab!! I do love them . My sister used to have some in her art room - full of paints . yumm. Good luck with getting the others done. I think i have a small sheet of that paper but it is purple. x

  2. I have lne of these i use for my jewellery. As we are decorating the bedrom it is also just about to get a makeover!