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Thursday, 9 May 2013

My sister's birthday card!

I can blog this now she has received it :-)
This card started off with a mistake ...... I had intended to make it into a tent card rather than a side folded one, but I got distracted while sticking the background paper on and I put it on with the pattern going the wrong way.  Not only that, but I didn't even notice until after I had stuck the brown ribbon on the 'base' of the tent card, so I couldn't move the paper around.  Oops!  So I turned it back around to a side fold and stuck another ribbon on the other side to balance it.
The flowers and frond clusters went on next (EK Success and MS punches respectively), I raised the larger ones up on 2mm foam pads, the smaller on 1mm, so I could slip the central motif underneath even though I didn't know what it was going to be at that point.
In my 'useful bits and pieces' drawer were some test impressions of this lovely lace doily stamp from Stampin Up, this one is done in a teal ink from Memento.  The sentiment was overstamped in black versafine, though I did have to go over it with a pen.  I die-cut two lace doily mats in brown and green, assembled the whole topper and placed it between and under the flowers.
The only disadvantage to the card is that the flowers are fairly dimensional, so it had to be posted at the large letter rate!   But my sister's worth it :-)
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  1. It's beautiful - can't tell there were any mistakes :)

  2. Not as bad as when you realise you've stuck everything on so it opens the wrong way entirely, we've done that a few times. Your card is lovely and you wouldn't know there had been a mistake at all.