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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Steampunk-ish triple frame

I bought this triple frame at one of those little warehouse shops which has a bit of everything - can't remember what it was called - when we went to York last year and it has been hanging around ever since, waiting for inspiration.
The lightbulb moment came when I was tidying my desk (something which doesn't happen that often!) and a whole pile of scraps from the Bo Bunny 'Timepiece' range came to light.  I put one torn piece against another, decided I liked the effect, and went from there!
The frame originally had the glass at the bottom of the recess, but I wanted to have some space for a dimensional collage, so I stuck the glass to the front of the frame with 'red' super strong tape.  Of course this can be seen through the glass, so I made a border of faux nail heads to cover it.  I liked the effect of a little shelf and decided to get some little bottles to go in the square frame.
The mosaic tiles are there because the frame is slightly chipped at the top - where we dropped it when unloading the car! - so I put a couple of tiles at the chipped spot and added others in various places on the frame, connecting them with black faux.nailheads.

The lower collage uses rosettes made from TH dies, a Dienamics flourish, a sentiment stamp, some pearls and an owl charm.

The square collage has the sentiment stamp, die cut with a deckled oval Nestie, edges inked.  Then some clustered pearl elements (can't remember the brand) and three tiny bottles, filled with polished glass chips. I had great 'fun' getting those chips into the bottles, the air was blue!

The upper rectangle collage is the one which started the whole train of thought, these were the two pieces of paper I put together.  I stamped a sentiment three times, the steampunk heart is stamped and embossed using a Technique Tuesday stamp,  Some pearl trails and a couple of charms complete it.

Not a cheap project this one, despite the collages themselves being made mostly from scraps and stuff I had hanging around - I did have to buy the bottles.  The frame itself was £8 and it took far more nailheads than I had thought it would - between 8 and 9 packets in total, so that's about £17 just in nail heads!!!  Probably would have thought of something else if I had realised that before I had started!

I love it in spite of the expense :-)
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  1. I love it too!It's brilliant-and I'd say worth every penny!

  2. Wow a gorgeous, if expensive, project. Love it!
    Sue x

  3. It looks even nicer in person. :)

  4. Just think how much they would cost to buy made up! Fab!!