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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Decorated Frame

I haven't blogged since May!!! A combination of real life getting in the way, and severely depleted mojo has resulted in my not doing much crafting at all, except for half finished LOs at the monthly crop and some half finished decorated boxes. There's a theme there somewhere......
But I had to finish this frame - it's Krafty Karen's birthday present!

This is quite an 'upcycled' project!  Several things came together for this - the Prima almanac kit I got at the Trip down Memory Lane retreat had the large flowers and the pink paper. DH had returned from his parents' house with some picture frames he 'thought I could do something with'. The butterfly is from an old necklace, the stamped quote is a paraphrase of a Marillion song (Happiness is the Road) - Karen loves pink, flowers, butterflies .... and Marillion! The turquoise stripe paper was also bought at ATDML, I think it's from My Minds Eye. The smaller flowers..... well..... I bought those. Yes, I bought flowers. Only used half the pack, so Karen, guess what your Christmas pressie will feature..... LOL.

This project is also the first one where I have used my cordless glue gun, to attach the flowers and butterfly. I have never previously got on very well with glue guns, but after I had finished the flowers, I found myself standing in front of my craft desk, gun in hand, thinking "what can I glue next ......" whilst looking round the room!

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  1. That's lovely! And also great upcycling too. :) no one can say we don't do our bit for planet Earth...

  2. Love the frame, such gorgeous detailing. Welcome back to blogging and thanks for making me smile with your glue gun story!

  3. And I love it!!!!!!

    I straight away thought of Happiness is the Road when I read the quote LOL!!

    Thank you Wendy xx