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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Dancing Trees

So here it is, the finished cross stitch. I am really pleased with it, though it came with some sad news - the lady who does the stretching of the fabric before sending it to be framed is very ill. I got a phone call from her daughter saying that although she was in hospital, she was still worrying about all her customers' pictures - bless her. So we arranged that it could be brought over to my workplace as I couldn't get over to the shop. I sent my best wishes to her - it seemed inappropriate to say "Merry Christmas".
She has done so many of my stitched pictures over the last 15 years and from what little her daughter said, it seems likely that this will be the last. She is a lovely lady, who treated each customer's piece with as much care as if it were her own work, and I will miss discussing all things embroidery related while we tried out various combinations of frames and mounts.


  1. Really lovely Wendy - I still have my Christmas round robin to get framed but since the gallery that I used in Eastbourne closed down I haven't found anywhere else to take my stuff to - I don't feel confident enough to frame large pieces myself though I have done very small ones.

  2. Aww... how sad that such a reliable business contact is so ill. It looks lovely.